Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you getting better company registration services from Cleardocs?

Thomas Lam, IT Manager

Cleardocs staff are always striving to improve our technology and our user experience. There’s no exception for our company registration services. One of the things we do is run an array of service performance charts to identify (potential) problems. This alerts us to opportunities to improve Cleardocs services. And yes we’re all excited about getting Cleardocs to do better!

This week I’m going to show you one of the charts we run.

First some background to the chart. If ASIC finds a problem with someone’s application to register a company, then it rejects the application — examples of reasons include:

  • the proposed name for the company is already taken; or
  • one of the addresses is not a valid address according to the Australia Post database (ASIC’s system validates all addresses against that database).

The chart shows the average number of ASIC rejections per company registered. Nearly all companies registered through Cleardocs are registered first time without any rejection notices.

Chart 1. Average number of ASIC rejections per company registered with Cleardocs, over last 2 years

Whener you use Cleardocs to lodge a company registration with ASIC, ASIC will issue a validation report if there’s something wrong with it, e.g. your proposed company name is already taken. Occasionally you might have to re-lodge your company registration more than once to fix problems indicated in ASIC validation reports.

To provide a more user-friendly company registration services, Cleardocs has done the followings to reduce number of ASIC validation reports (i.e. ASIC rejections):

  1. added relevant help text and information and ASIC Identical Name Check in the Company Registration product form;
  2. enhanced error checking in the Company Registration product form;
  3. enhanced speed of the Company Registration product form;
  4. written various blog articles on issues about Company registration.

See you next time. Please feel free to give us feedbacks and comments!

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