Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The change is here (almost)

Lisa Galbraith, CEO

In mid August Danni Kirwan blogged about some upcoming changes to the Cleardocs website. I am now delighted to announce that the new Cleardocs website will be launched next week.

Over the last couple of years we have made a number of small incremental changes to our website – most of these changes have been to make it easier for you to navigate around the site and to find useful information. We feel that a complete refresh is needed and we hope that you love the changes we have made.

Firstly and most importantly we haven’t taken away any functionality from you. The “My Documents” page – where all your documents are stored is still there, the handy document filter tool is still there at the top of the “My Documents” section. You can still order additional printing and binding after you have completed your documents and we still have samples, frequently asked legal questions and ClearLaw.

So what will you notice?

The Cleardocs website is rich in useful information and we have found that this information is not as easily found as it should be. So we have added a search button at the top of the page – this enables you to search the entire site to locate the answer. This is also really helpful when searching ClearLaw articles.. We have also placed the additional information close to the product pages. For example the new product tabs will provide a list of the extra relevant information we have available such as checklists, sample docs, common legal questions and letters you can use for clients.

We have created a new SMSFmanagement page – My SMSFs. Many of our customers are now managing growing superannuation portfolios and we have noticed it can be hard to find all the changes you have made using the existing My Documents page. My SMSFs page manages your SMSF by the fund name - with one click you can see the full document history of the fund. For example you can see when you created the fund, when you last updated it and when you updated death benefit arrangements. All the document records will still be found under the “My Documents” page, but now you have a choice. For people with lots of SMSF trust deeds we hope this new page will help.

Launch process

When we launch the new website registered users will receive an announcement email the day before. When you go the website you will notice an “overlay” that will help you navigate the changes. The overlay will be available for you to refer back to – so don’t worry that it will disappear after the first viewing.

What remains the same?

Our phone number, the high quality documents and prices and of course the great Cleardocs service remains unchanged.

Look out for our announcement email and please let me know how you are finding the new website and what other changes you would like to see. I’d love to hear from you.

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