Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clarity’s Plain Language Conference October 2010

Christopher Balmford MD
Plain-language conferences are uplifting and energising events.
Clarity’s conference is on in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2010. For all sessions, there will be simultaneous translation between English and Portuguese.
Have a look at the program on the conference website here:
Do come along. Also please encourage others to attend.
Plain-language advocates and practitioners often find conferences are the perfect way:
  • to be reminded why they do the work they do;
  • to learn from others;
  • to further develop their ideas in discussions between the sessions; and
  • to connect — or reconnect — with others who share their purpose.
Wherever your energy is at, if you’re interested in plain-language and clear communication, then Clarity’s conference always gives you a lift.
Here’s the site:
Upwards & onwards
Christopher Balmford, President of Clarity, & MD of Cleardocs

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