Thursday, September 2, 2010

From the Helpdesk: Life on the line

Belinda Thalakada, Customer Service

Being new to the Cleardocs helpdesk was somewhat overwhelming — especially getting my head around all the different products, processes and generally how Cleardocs works. I guess it’s similar to how a first-time user might feel.

Thankfully, after touring the site, I found the Resources section to contain pearls of wisdom and gems of information about most customer queries for almost all our products. Those pearls and gems might not be all too obvious for the average Cleardocs user, so I thought in this post I’d explore the Resources section with you. I find extremely helpful for me and for customers time and time again.

From this section of the site you can access:

- Sample Documents

This resource allows you to download ‘dummy’ versions of particular products in a PDF reader so you can look at how a Cleardocs deed, constitution or any other document is set out and what it includes/excludes

- Checklists

This resource is particularly useful for customers who know what sort of product they want to purchase but who are unsure on how to get the proverbial ‘ball’ rolling to set up a company, trust or SMSF. The Checklists tell you the information you need to have with you help you answer the questions on our interface when ordering a document package.

- ClearLaw News Bulletin

When there are changes in the law that are likely to affect any of the Cleardocs products, the type change and its potential impact are reported in this regular monthly bulletin. As well as these updates, the bulletin includes articles that help deepen your understanding of existing products — for example: Understanding the Cleardocs trusts: Part 1 of 2 & Part 2 of 2.

- Blog

The blog provides useful information and helpful hints about our products or issues relating to our products and gives us an opportunity to provide further commentary on specific topics. The blogs themselves range from the more technical (for example, why we don’t provide Change of Trustee for a Discretionary Trust Blog Jan 2010) to commentary about the practical application of our products and general observations that may be helpful to our customers

- Links

As the title suggests, this resource lists links to external sites that may be useful in providing more information about ASIC, ATO, State Revenue Offices, Superannuation services etc. In this section, you are able to find links to useful sites such as the ASIC Identical Names Check, GST and ABN registration, stamp duty set by state revenue offices and so forth.

There’s a lot on the site

There’s lots of information on the Cleardocs site. It’s worth having a good wander around. But if you can’t find something, or you’re too busy for a wander, call us on 1300 307 343.

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