Friday, October 22, 2010

Enhancing the Cleardocs website

Lisa Galbraith, CEO

Many of you who are Cleardocs users will have noticed our updated website and navigated around the site to create new documents. The changes you see reflect many hours of discussion and feedback from our users, and what we believe will help our customers navigate our site quicker or more efficiently.

There are many experts available to assist in your web redesign and many studies to show you where people look first, and what colours people respond to. You can easily get caught up in the graphics and forget the people who visit your site to get work done. I thought it might be useful to share some of the thinking at Cleardocs on the redesign.

So what factors helped focus our redesign efforts?

Our first priority was to improve the accessibility to our resources and to tie them more closely to our products. You will now see many of our resources are listed alongside products in the product menu, and on the product pages.

Over the last 3 years the amount of information on our site has grown significantly. Our monthly ClearLaw bulletins contain legal information that is useful to our users on a daily basis. Our frequently asked legal questions have expanded. Calls to our helpline showed that not everyone understood how to find the answers to their questions.

Our next priority was to make it easier for you to get started. Some of our new callers found getting started harder than it should have been. You will have noticed the large green buttons “sign up now” and “start new documents here”.

Finally, for many of our customers the volume of documents created on Cleardocs numbers into the hundreds, and keeping track of those documents is not easy, particularly those documents that are frequently reviewed and updated – Like SMSF’s. Calls to our helpline indicated that management of the documents was at times difficult. The development of the MySMSF page and the filter tools are 2 ways of enhancing document management for our customers.

The Cleardocs website is a work place for people creating documents; any refresh of our website couldn’t slow things down. Large graphic files and music slow things down and so were rejected from any consideration.

Refreshing a website is a continual process. We will be shortly sending out a survey to see how the changes are working for our customers. Once we have that feedback we may implement further changes. So look out for the survey email and help make our website work better for you.

You can find the survey here:

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