Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 20 ClearLaw articles of all time

Danni Kirwan, Marketing Executive

ClearLaw is a monthly legal bulletin sent to all Cleardocs customers by email. The articles in the ClearLaw bulletin are written by solicitors at Maddocks and cover topics related to Cleardocs products, or broader legal topics such as changes in legislation.

Since Cleardocs launched, we have published almost 300 articles. Every ClearLaw article published is available on our site, and you can search the archive to find articles related to a certain topic or keyword.

The ClearLaw archive is a great source of information about Cleardocs products and related legislation – from the basics like outlining the differences between the Cleardocs trusts to complex SMSF issues. Whether you’re the trustee of an SMSF, or someone wanting to start a small business (or both) there are sure to be articles relevant to you.

Recently, we conducted a review of ClearLaw articles and came up with the top 20 most popular articles of all time. As you can see, our visitors love reading about SMSF’s! Most popular by far is an article on transition to retirement pensions published back in 2006, and SMSF Borrowing has been, and continues to be, a popular topic.

Below is the list of the 20 most popular articles, to read the full article simply click on the title. If you have any suggestion for articles or topics for ClearLaw we would love to hear them, please let us know in the comments section.

The Top 20

1. Over 55? Is a transition to retirement pension the right strategy?

2. Capital gains tax new rules for non-residents: Practical implications

3. Termination payments: what are the super contribution rules?

4. The definition of 'trust income': the trust deed prevails

5. Preparing for an ATO Tax Audit: Part 1 - Strategies for getting the house in order

6. SMSFs & Instalment warrant arrangements

7. Substantially Self-Employed- Super Contributions: It's all in the timing;

8. SMSF's and the sole purpose test: does carrying on a business breach the test?

9. In-house assets: is your SMSF ready — or preparing — for June 2009? (Yes, that's 2009)

10. “Simpler Super" changes to Death Benefits - the so called "Death tax"

11. SMSFs borrowing through Instalment Warrants: the ATO's views

12. Super fund borrowing rules: proposed new laws making things clearer

13. Simpler superannuation pensions: old pensions, new pensions and things to keep in mind.

14. “Simpler Super" and ETPs - "Eligible" becomes "Employment"

15. Tax free redundancy payments - even for directors closing a business

16. Discretionary trusts : Challenge to asset protection role

17. SMSF Members overseas? Beware the residency trap

18. The ATO on SMSFs and related party acquisitions

19. New income tax ruling: Genuine Redundancy Payments

20. Joint venturers v. Partners: Do they owe the same duties to one another?


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