Monday, May 2, 2011

Improving the work flow

Lisa Galbraith, CEO

Working efficiently and productively within your business and with your customers and clients is important. Customers and clients in particular like working with organizations where information is collected once and used consistently. How many times have you sighed when, as a customer, you are asked, by your advisor, once again to complete a form that asks for your home address?

At Cleardocs we have recently started integrating standard forms for our accountants. These forms are often set up paperwork for when new structures are put in place or when a new client moves professional advisor. Example of the forms include letter to notify change of administration of SMSF, administration application form, and direct debit form.

Using the answers entered into the Cleardocs question interface the Cleardocs system completes your firm’s standard letters and forms. The accountant then has a complete package of documents ready for their client to sign. Completed easily and efficiently in one step.

We are keen to expand this completion of basic forms to as many of our users as possible. We have identified some common forms that many Cleardocs users may find helpful in improving efficiency. We will be releasing these forms in the coming months. For example we have developed an ABN/TFN checklist that will speed the entry of data into the ATO portal.

Please look out for these forms. If you have any suggestions for forms or you have some business specific forms that you would like to integrate please call me on 1300 307-343. We would be keen to explore the options with you.

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