Tuesday, May 17, 2011

knowing your session timed out - the friendly (Cleardocs) way

Thomas Lam, IT Manager
Most web sites will automatically log users out if idle for a period of time – ranging from 5 (bank sites) to 30 minutes. And we often knew our sessions timeout the painful way – submitting (and loosing) your un-submitted form data only then get redirected to a login page.
At Cleardocs, these pains are now things in the past! We have recently implement a session checker for all our product forms. If you try to submit your product form data after your session expired, our session checker will pop up a login prompt. You could then login again to stay logged onto Cleardocs and more importantly, submit your unsaved answers to Cleardocs site.  
Figure 1 – Login prompt provided by our product forms session checker.

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