Friday, July 1, 2011

A dream fit for Cleardocs

Christopher Balmford, founder and MD

Yesterday, Thomson Reuters bought Cleardocs.

Thomson Reuters is a dream fit for Cleardocs. Here’s why. The motivating force behind the foundation and growth of Cleardocs is the desire to improve the clarity of legal documents everywhere and to help move plain language further into the mainstream — and to do all that profitably. Thomson Reuters has the content, customers, and expertise to do that in more places and for more documents — while further meeting its customers’ needs by delivering on its strategy of making its content more active.

Cleardocs customers who value the clarity of the legal documents we provide, and who appreciate the speed and efficiency of our online service, will benefit from Thomson Reuters delivering on that expanded potential.

The cultural fit between the 8 of us at Cleardocs and the people at Thomson Reuters seems very close. Even more so, the way the Cleardocs IT, know-how, and online presence fits the Thomson Reuters strategy is close to perfect. The fit makes all of us eager to help Cleardocs fly further and faster in the hands of a global player.

Many people have helped Cleardocs — and me — to get to this stage: Cleardocs customers, our shareholders, our advisers, everyone who has ever worked here, many friends, some people who just helped, and my family. Our — and especially my — deepest gratitude to all of them.

Special thanks to Maddocks Lawyers, in particular, partners Julian Smith and Geoff Musgrove. Maddocks has been with Cleardocs since the beginning. Indeed, when Cleardocs was nothing, Maddocks helped Cleardocs in a remarkable and an innovative way. The ongoing advice and support from Maddocks has been one of the keys to our success.

Extra special thanks to the Cleardocs CEO, Lisa Galbraith, whose wisdom, experience, and patience made an ongoing difference from the moment she started.

Most of all, mountains and oceans of thanks to my ever-loving wife Kym and my wonderful children, Grace and William. They are the best.

Upwards & onwards — clarity | simplicity | ease of use

ps   On a different note, thank you to the Enotecians for a warm and safe refuge.


  1. Keep up the good work Cleardocs.

    Getting the inside scoop on tax and accounting from Thomsons and quality documents from Cleardocs - it just might be the 'dream fit' you mention.


  2. Congrats Balmo!

    Enjoy the next step.

    Jimmy O

  3. Good Luck
    Manoj Abichandani

  4. An interesting development but who owns Thomson Reuters? Will they have the same 'bespoke' commitment to plain language?

  5. Christopher and Lisa and team thanks for great service and also insight in to how something so complex and expensive (i.e. Old style trust documents etc) could be streamlined in to beautifully simple and easy to access. Look forward to following future developments.