Monday, February 3, 2014

The 2014 year ahead

By Lisa Galbraith, General Manager

The year has begun with a bang – already my holidays are receding to the back of my brain.  At Cleardocs we have been busy finalising priorities for the coming year and looking for new integration opportunities with Thomson Reuters.

Late last year we launched our first combo product – SMSF set up + register Corporate Trustee.  The product provides a streamlined interface for completing two documents (SMSF and company registration) with one interface.  Feedback suggests that this one stop process works well.   Over the coming year, we will gradually roll out further enhancements to our documents and website. These enhancements will reduce data entry time and provide greater flexibility for you.

In 2014 we will be exploring options to more effectively share the exciting new tools developed by Thomson Reuters, through the Checkpoint platform.  In particular, the new Trust Distributions Workflow will be a valuable solution for many of our accounting users.  The interactive workflow allows you to carry out trust distribution calculations, including those which involve the streaming of capital gains or franked distributions.  Look out for an email with more detail on this great new tool.

Finally, I would like to welcome our many new customers.  It is very satisfying to see so many new customers enjoying the flexibility, quality and benefits of Cleardocs.  Please remember to send through your feedback and comments – we'll always listen.

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