Friday, May 9, 2014

Document developments and new release: bank and related party SMSF Borrowing packages

Lisa Galbraith

In my January blog, I flagged that this year would see the Cleardocs team focus on enhancing our processes and documents.  Our intention is to make it more efficient for you to complete your required documents – eliminating steps and combining products where we can.   As usual, we have been working very closely with our lawyers, Maddocks on this and I am pleased to report that we are making great progress.
In April we amended our pension pack product so that it can now be used with non Cleardocs SMSF trust deeds.  In early June, we will be releasing changes to our SMSF Borrowing packages (both bank and related party).  The changes include:
-         -    allowing the user to name the custody trust;
-          -   allowing for variable interest rates (for related party loans); and
-          - allowing for non Cleardocs SMSF trust deeds to be used.  This important development will mean that if you have a deed which allows for borrowing, you will be able to use the Cleardocs borrowing packages without updating first.  Saving you precious time.
Keep an eye on our website as we there will be more product changes on the way.

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