Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 10 ClearLaw articles to help you keep up-to-date

By Thomas Lam

Articles prepared by top 20 law firm – Maddocks – since 2005

ClearLaw, first published back in August 2005, is a monthly newsletter of articles about current legislative issues concerning SMSFs, CompanyRegistration, DiscretionaryTrusts and more. The articles are usually authored by relevant lawyers from Maddocks or Thomson Reuters' senior tax writers.
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In this blog, I would like to share with you the 10 most popular ClearLaw articles to date:
  1. UpcomingSMSF administrative changes: early discussion with the ATO Mar 2014 – upcoming legislative changes affecting SMSFs outlined by an ATO senior officer.
  2. Companiesvs Sole Traders: Things you need to consider May 2010 – looks into some of the issues you need to consider when deciding whether to operate a business as a sole trader or through a "Pty Ltd" company.
  3. ATOprovides warning on SMSFs which lend money (NOT borrow money) Sep 2011 – warnings from the ATO about SMSF trustees entering into lending arrangements on behalf of the SMSF.
  4. Changeof SMSF trustee: practical tips for LRBAs Mar 2014 – tips and guidance to SMSF trustees to help them comply with their duties under superannuation law and LRBA documents.
  5. Jointventurers v. Partners: Do they owe the same duties to one another? Jul 2007 – discusses two court decisions suggesting joint venturers owe one another the same fiduciary duties as partners.
  6. CorporateTrustee v Individual Trustee: Key Differences for SMSFs Apr 2011 – highlights the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a corporate trustee over an individual trustee for a self managed superannuation fund and other trusts generally.
  7. SMSFMembers overseas? Beware the residency trap Nov 2006 – an interesting and relevant read for any SMSF member who plans to stay overseas for more than two years.
  8. Overviewof some things to consider when registering an Australian company Mar 2010 – a guide to some of the issues you need to consider when registering a 'proprietary limited' company.
  9. Electronicsignatures: when are they effective? Nov 2013 – identifies risks and tips for dealing with electronic signatures.
  10. Understandingthe differences between an agreement and a deed: lessons from 400 George Street (Qld) Pty Ltd v BGInternational Ltd Feb 2013 – discuss how deeds and agreements are distinct in two principal ways.
I hope you will find these articles interesting and useful. You can read our most recent ClearLaw articles here. Feel free to forward us topics you would like our lawyers to cover as ClearLaw articles.  Please note that ClearLaw articles are up to date at the time they are published. Old articles are not updated to reflect changes in the law.

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