Friday, March 13, 2015


Vijay Iyengar, Design Analyst

At Cleardocs we are constantly looking to simplify processes and improve the services we provide to our customers.
In mid September 2014, the Cleardocs platform integrated with the existing Macquarie CMA service. This software integration provides pre-population and electronic submission of the Macquarie CMA (Cash Management Account) application  - an important time saving activity for our professional users.
Cleardocs users can initiate the Macquarie CMA process with two of our SMSF products.

Users can opt to initiate an application for their Macquarie CMA directly when completing an order.
If you do not have a “Macquarie Company Code” or hold an AFSL, a CMA application will be submitted to Macquarie in the form of an “Expression of Interest”, upon which Macquarie will send an email to applicants to finalise the application. If you hold a valid AFSL, then you will be directed to the Macquarie website to finalize their application.
Once you complete your Cleardocs payment, you can submit a CMA application to Macquarie by entering ESI credentials.

ESI credentials are comprised of an authentication code paired with an authentication password issued by the Macquarie Adviser Services (MAS) to Macquarie website users.  It is used by external systems to authenticate when using ESI services on behalf of a user. An ESI configuration on the MAS website is essential to be set up by the user, in person, before initiating a CMA application through Cleardocs.

On the MAS website in the “ESI setup” screen, click on the link to generate authentication details. A screen prompting for the Macquarie Access Code( MAC) to authorize the setup is shown.
An authentication code and password are generated and displayed. Record this in a secure location. All subsequent web service calls from Cleardocs will use them to authenticate.
These details are valid only for a year. They will expire thereafter and no longer be usable with Cleardocs.

We care about the security of your data, and security has been a high priority in the software development process. We are proud that we are fully compliant with Macquarie security requirements and have taken all the necessary measures to keep your data safe. 

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