Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tips on how to navigate through the new website

Sharmistha Bose, Product Marketing Specialist

Cleardocs unveiled an exciting new look on the website yesterday with simplified navigation and intuitive features for more efficient document creation.
Like any change, a few questions are often asked about how to effectively and effortlessly navigate through the site. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for easy navigation.
How do I know what the changes are?
To guide you through all the changes we have provided a website 'layover'. We encourage our users to take the time to go through this 30 second helpful tour to get a better understanding of all the changes.
This layover will appear just once, when you first log into your Cleardocs account, but it can be accessed again via the blue 'Demo' button on your 'My documents' page.
Where is My Documents?
My Documents is where all your pending and completed documents are stored. Once you are logged in look for the cog icon, next to your email address, on the top right-hand corner of the page. This is the new access point to 'My Documents', 'My Profile' and 'My SMSFs'. This feature works when you click on your email address as well.
What will remain the same?
The Resources page can still be navigated from the top left banner of the site. Here you will find information such as frequently asked legal questions, sample documents, checklists, videos and more.
Cleardocs will still have its helpful search engine to search the entire website for relevant articles, blogs, documents or FAQs.
Our helpline, the extensive range of legal documents and service remain unchanged. We are excited for you to experience our new website and look forward to any feedback.

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