Friday, December 18, 2015

New product: Family Constitution

Sharmistha Bose, Product Marketing Specialist

Cleardocs is pleased to announce a new addition to our Estate Planning suite.
You can now use Cleardocs to create a Family Constitution. This is a non-legally binding document that sets out a family’s wishes for achieving harmony within an intergenerational family business. It is designed for use in any country.
Order the Cleardocs Family Constitution online for $385.00 (incl.GST) now.
What is a Family Constitution?
The Family Constitution is a record of policies developed collaboratively by the family. The family may choose policies currently relevant to them while leaving others until later. They may also customise the details of the policies for the family’s particular circumstances.
The Family Constitution helps families to:
           focus on communications, development and harmony;
           transition the stewardship and ownership of family wealth, including business interests, to the next generation; and
           maximise benefits and manage complexities of being a family in business.
What topics does the Family Constitution cover?
Having a Cleardocs Family Constitution in place allows the family to record, among other things:
           the family’s values and principles;
           family aspirations for their business interests;
           establishment of a governance structure;
           decision-making and conflict resolution;
           policies for important matters such as the employment of family members in the family business and education and development of family as current and future stewards;
           overarching investment strategy;
           communication within the family and the business; and
           liquidity and the entry into and exit from the family business.
The Family Constitution has been expertly drafted by family business advisory firm FINH.

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