Friday, August 21, 2009

Fastest online company registration

Christopher Balmford MD

You know, I'm curious about the fastest anyone has registered a company online through Cleardocs. Way back when we launched in 2002, one of our first customers set — what we reckon is — the record. But maybe someone has done it faster since, or will do it faster soon. Let us know if you do.

The speed we enabled was unusual in 2002. When Cleardocs launched, we were the first purely online company registration provider. Through Cleardocs, our customers could, for the first time anywhere:

  • log on,
  • answer the questions on our interface,
  • electronically lodge the application to register the company with ASIC, and
  • receive the ACN and all the legal documents immediately by email.

It was pretty exciting stuff. In 2002, none of our competitors could do anything like it. Even if they enabled you to order through their website, someone at their end had to do something manually to register your company. So if you wanted a company at 6.30pm (or am!), it was likely to be tough. But at, it didn't matter what time it was, or what day it was, you could register a brand new company. You still can — we have people ordering companies 24/7. If ASIC's site is open etc. (and it pretty much always is), then you can register a company through Cleardocs.

Anyway back in 2002, one of our very first customers who had done a few company registrations with Cleardocs rang to say she wanted to know what the record was for the fastest company. Her name is Janette Boluch. I just spoke to her a few minutes ago. In 2002, she worked at Manning & Perry, now she is with Chris Wilson and Associates in Hawthorn in Melbourne. And she still uses Cleardocs. Thank you, Janette!

We reckon Janette still holds the record for:

"An Australian company registration through Cleardocs — from logging on, through answering all the questions, to getting the response from ASIC that the company is registered with an ACN."

Janette's time? 11.5 minutes. Let us know if you beat it.


  1. I did it in 9 min one night in 2004

  2. Got mine in 5 min from Reckon Docs. And a Trust in less then a minute.It really helps when you have your client sitting infront of you waiting for the documents, or if you have forgotten about them entirely.Im glad your trying to keep up with the competition.

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Keen to verify the record here.

    Just need to check: Did you log in, start the order, pay for it, and receive the docs: for the company, all (from the time you logged in) in 5 minutes? And for the trust, all that in less than 1 minute? … less than a minute?

    If what you’re talking about is the time the documents took to arrive after you ordered them, then that’s quite a different thing. And it’s not the record we were talking about.

    Kind regards

    Christopher Balmford, MD Cleardocs