Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Above the clouds

Thomas Lam, IT Manager

Back to the future

Cleardocs, like Salesforce and NetSuite, pioneered comprehensive online solutions for small and large businesses in Australia.

Back in 2000, Cleardocs founder Christopher Balmford - a renowned plain-language expert - had the vision of providing cost effective company registration and legal document services to accountants and law firms through technology that meant customers had “zero IT maintenance”. Christopher was aware that traditional software could be too complicated and expensive to install, configure, use, and update and upgrade.

Seven years later, this sort of self-service online business model is known as “Cloud Computing”.

Beginning ... Better… Bigger…

Before Cleardocs launched in 2002, it was building its site and technology.

Then from 2002 to 2007, the IT team at Cleardocs added the following features to the system:

  • fully automated printing and binding solution with our printing partner,
  • version tracking solution for SMSF trust deeds,
  • online co-branded solution for our partners such as GlobalX and Thomson,
  • fully integrated solution for Cleardocs CRM system,
  • online and easy to use white-label legal document solution for accounting and law firms.

In 2007-08, we needed to completely revamp our underlying technology to cater for the high volumes of users and our steadily expanding product range. The revamp was a major project, that we were glad to deliver. As part of the revamp, we made the site faster for our customers, and we made it easier for us to upgrade and expand.

In the next 12 months after completing the revamp, we have added:

  • 6 new products and 2 products upgrade,
  • integration legal document review solution with Maddocks
  • search functions for ClearLaw articles,
  • translation services for Legal FAQ, Product and ClearLaw pages,
  • integrated solution for Cleardocs accounting system,
  • blogs and social networking support.

Do you want even more?

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