Friday, February 11, 2011

Small change – big menu

Danni Kirwan, Marketing Executive

As you may have noticed, we have recently made a number of changes to both the look and functionality of the Cleardocs site. The changes were made in response to feedback and suggestions we had received from our customers.

Two weeks after the changes were implemented we surveyed a number of customers who had used the new site to find out what they thought of the changes. We were pleased with the survey results, which indicated that our customers have enjoyed using the new site.

Although the changes that were recently launched were significant, further changes will continue to be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Some changes are the direct result of customer feedback or requests – like printable document summary pages, whereas some changes are the result of changes in web trends or technology – like our twitter feed.

The most recent change has been the launch of our new menu system, making it easier for you to access documents and resources and view product information. The content of the menu won’t change, but we hope that the new layout will make it easier for you to access menu items like resources, related blog posts or pending documents. Below is a screenshot of what the new menu will look like, along with some tips on what the menu items are and how you can use them.

Some customers have reported problems with the website display the first time they have visited the site since the new menu was introduced.  This is due to some browsers storing cached information from the old version of the page.  If you notice anything strange about the Cleardocs homepage when you login, simply clear your web history and restart your browser and you should be able to view the page as normal.

If you cannot see the full image below, clik on the image to open it in a new window 

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