Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleardocs “white-labEL” option — CleardocsPro


Christopher Balmford, MD

In response to requests from professional firms — legal, accounting, and financial planning — Cleardocs has developed a whitelabel arrangement that effectively places the Cleardocs system on the firm’s website under the firm’s branding and visual identity. We provide a simple online tool for the firm to use to reformat the CleardocsPro web pages to match the colours, typefaces etc. of the firm’s site.

When the CleardocsPro interface appears on the firm’s site, Cleardocs is not mentioned and so is not seen by the firm’s client when they use the site to order documents. This helps make sure the firm’s relationship with the client is preserved. Yet, although the client doesn’t know about, or call, Cleardocs, the firm still has full access to all the Cleardocs resources and helplines to help it support its client.

One of the main benefits of CleardocsPro is that it removes much of the “double-entry” work involved when an accountant or planner first gathers information from clients, then has to type it (or have their assistant type it) to order a company, trust, SMSF etc. Instead, the client types the information directly into the system.

When the client types the information in on CleardocsPro on the firm’s site:

  • the client places a “requisition” order on the firm’s master Cleardocs account; and
  • the system sends an email to the relevant person in the firm to tell them that a new matter is waiting to be completed (and paid for).

The firm’s clients cannot complete and pay for the document on the firm’s site. The professional involvement – and the necessary advice – is still required.

CleardocsPro enables firms to streamline data-collection from clients (both internal and external). This contributes to greater consistency and efficiency across the firm, while reducing costs and enhancing workflow management.

CleardocsPro is free to install. But the firm does need to arrange for its IT people to spend a day or so installing it.

For more information, please call Cleardocs on 1300 307 343.

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