Friday, April 15, 2011

Moving on

Danni Kirwan, Marketing executive

For my last contribution to the Cleardocs blog, I thought I’d take a look back at my time at Cleardocs and see what has changed since I started at Cleardocs back in 2006.

New product launches

Since I started at Cleardocs, many new products have launched, all in response to feedback from our customers. The majority of products have been SMSF related, like our SMSF Pension Pack, Change of SMSF Trustee and SMSF borrowing packages. More recently, we launched our first HR document, which opens up an exciting new market for Cleardocs. We have more HR documents launching soon — an employment contract and a consultancy/independent contractor agreement.

Some documents, like the SMSF Pension Pack for example, were slow to build momentum. Other products, like our Change of SMSF Trustee have been popular with our existing customers from day one. Whenever a new product is launched you can be sure the staff at Cleardocs are watching the website eagerly waiting for the first sale, and helping make sure everything goes smoothly for our customers.

The Cleardocs blog

It is hard to believe it has been almost two years since we started the Cleardocs blog. Our full time staff share the responsibility of posting, and while at times it has been difficult to come up with a blog topic (more so an interesting one!) I have enjoyed blogging.

The blog has now become an important part of our resources – we use it to provide our customers with product information and updates and discuss topical issues. Our blog posts on SMSF borrowing have proved particularly popular.


While our monthly legal bulletin ClearLaw has been around longer than I have, our ClearNews is a more recent publication. We like to keep ClearLaw reserved for the serious stuff, so we thought it would be good to have a way to communicate product and partner news and site developments with our customers, hence ClearNews was born. Over the past couple of years we have also included a few customer surveys in ClearNews, which enable us to plan our new product launches.

Cleardocs website relaunch

Without a doubt, the biggest change at Cleardocs has also been the most obvious – the launch of our new website last year. I can look back at the launch of the new website fondly, as it shares my birthday! While the launch went smoothly, it was the result of several months of hard work by everyone involved. We hope you find that our brand of “Clarity, Simplicity and Ease of Use” is reflected in the site.

All of our existing customers seemed to transition happily onto the new site — no doubt, they were oblivious to the many discussions we had back and forth over the colour of the “More button” and the font used on the homepage banner. I think that obliviousness is a good thing!

While a lot has happened over the past four years, I’m sure many more exciting changes are to come. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site, or any new products you think we should add, please let us know. We love to get feedback from our customers and regularly make changes based on customer requests.

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