Tuesday, November 15, 2011

User interface improvements in the change of trustee discretionary trust product

Thomas Lam, IT Manager
We have made several user interface design improvements in the recently launched Change of Trustee Discretionary Trust product. Below is the quick walkthrough on these improvements.
  1. To improve the readability of questions and information boxes, their text are updated with information related to original family trust details when appropriate. These information includes name of the family trust, trustees details, etc. image
  2. Important information is displayed prominently and immediately to help user making the right decision. image
  3. The new user interface design also aims to minimize user inputs. For example, the interface will automatically select remaining trustees as continuing trustees when a user selects a trustee to retire. The interface will also automatically restrict the number of new trustees can be appointed to make sure that no more than 3 trustees in a family trust as a result. image
So what do you think about these improvements? Any suggestion is welcome.

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