Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Accessing Cleardocs products from ThomsonReuters

Harin Wijenayake, Marketing Manager

It’s been close to four months since Cleardocs was acquired by Thomson Reuters and there have been some exciting developments in that time.

Cleardocs have launched a new product, as part of our HR product suite, - the Independent Contractor Agreement and we are currently in the final stages of testing two other products.

Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting

As part of Cleardocs integration into the Thomson Reuters website, we can now be found under Tax & Accounting – a portal on the Thomson Reuters website that specialises in: superannuation, tax guides, and technical accounting information.

A Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting subscriber can now access relevant Cleardocs products directly from the technical information pages within the Tax and Accounting Online Portal.

All Cleardocs documents are up-to-date with any legislation changes, which, coupled with the information provided by Tax & Accounting, would make a potential customer comfortable in purchasing any of our documents.

Thomson Reuters – estore

Our products are also listed on the Thomson Reuters estore website under Legal Online Documents.

The estore itself is a great way to purchase Thomsons Reuters products online. Simply add the item/s that you wish to purchase into your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.

The Thomson Reuters marketing team have just emailed a number of their customers to advise that Cleardocs is now on board and what we have to offer. Over the next few weeks, the Cleardocs team will be contacting Thomson Reuters customers to have a chat about how Cleardocs can save their company time and money by using our online documents.

How do I purchase a Cleardocs document on the Thomson Reuters website?

If you are on the Thomson Reuters website and have found a Cleardocs document that you wish to purchase, here’s the easiest way to proceed with your purchase, complete your document and have it emailed to you – upon completion and payment – immediately.

I’m going to use the Cleardocs Company Registration document for this example.

So you’re on the Thomson Reuters estore, Online Legal Documents and you’ve found the document you want to purchase, Company Registration.

  • Simply click on the blue text link (title of the document) which will then take you to a page that looks like this. This page will give you an overview of the Cleardocs document that you want to purchase
  • Click on “Read more >>” and you will be taken to the Cleardocs website for that particular product
  • Click on “Start a new order” and from there it will be clear, simple and easy to use.

If you have any questions regarding the explanation above, or just a general question, call our friendly customer support number on 1300 307 343.

We look forward to working together with all of our current and new customers.

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