Friday, March 9, 2012

New face. New interface. New document packages.

Yvette Woodward

I’m excited to have started as a new recruit with Cleardocs this month. I’ve come on board as a product development manager to help the team develop and test new products. The job description said the role would be “challenging, busy and dynamic” and a fair description that is. We have a lot of new products in the pipeline.

Our customers have told us some of the products they need and it’s now a matter of Cleardocs getting the documents drafted by the lawyers at Maddocks, the variable data identified and the IT sorted to enable us to load the new document packages on our website. I’ve been impressed with how closely the Cleardocs team works with Maddocks Lawyers.

The Cleardocs IT folk are itching to get our new products online. Fortunately, I sit close to the IT crew. It’s handy because there’s a considerable amount of discussion needed to arrange for a legally approved master document to be:

• supported by a seamless and user-friendly online interface;
• backed by the sophisticated Cleardocs technology; and
• launched on the Cleardocs website.

It will be rewarding to work on a new product from start to finish. I’ve started at a good time because Cleardocs has a new tool which the IT guys have built to save themselves a lot of the tedious work! The result is that it will enable Cleardocs to develop new document packages much faster than in the past.

So much so, we’re getting ready to launch our new Power of Attorney suite of products for Victoria and New South Wales. We plan to add the documents for other jurisdictions soon. Launching our Powers of Attorney documents will open up an exciting new area for Cleardocs.

We’ll be sure to update you about the Power of Attorney document packages as soon as they’re up and running.

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