Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Web browsers usage on Cleardocs web site, 2011

Thomas Lam, IT Manager

The web browser market landscape continues to change rapidly in 2011. For example, traffic from both Google Chrome and Safari browsers to Cleardocs site in 2011 increased from about 7% (of total site traffic) to 11%, while traffic from Internet Explorer continued to decline from 70% to 60%. Please see chart 1 for more information.

Since early this year, our IT team has reviewed Cleardocs site under Chrome and Safari browsers to make sure that pages and JavaScript are run correctly.

Also, traffic from Macintosh users to Cleardocs site in 2011 increased from 5.7% to 7.2% while traffic from Windows users dropped from 92.4% to 88.8%. Quite a few Macintosh users asked our helpline staff about how to repaginate Cleardocs documents on Macintosh, here is the solution suggested on Microsoft web site (please click “Update the table contents” link on that page).

Chart 1: 2011 %visits from different browsers to Cleardocs site.

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