Thursday, April 18, 2013


Cassandra Townsend, Lawyer

Cleardocs will be driving product development to a new level in 2013.

We have considered the feedback and evolving business needs of our valued customers – since our customers have told us they would like more products ... more products they will get.

In 2012, we released six Power of Attorney Products in a new 'Estate Planning' suite and an SMSF Actuarial Certificate in conjunction with our new business partner, Heffron Consulting.

With additional members, the Cleardocs team has been working hard toward release of more than 10 products in 2013.  We have exciting plans to:

·         expand our existing suites of products;
·         introduce new suites; and
·         enhance our existing products in innovative ways.

Of course, our lawyers at Maddocks are integral to our product development and implementation.  

Maddocks lawyers work with us from the beginning phases of product development all the way to release of the product - providing expert advice on the legal minefields and complexities, drafting our legal documents, and signing-off on our question interfaces and legal information.

You may have had the benefit of speaking with one of our friendly lawyers at Maddocks through the Cleardocs helpline.  They are always professional and responsive – no matter how many times a day I contact them for advice and no matter how many new products Cleardocs adds to their already busy workloads.

Look out on our website for our new products. I hope you find them easy to use and valuable to your needs. We welcome your feedback on them.

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