Friday, May 10, 2013

Cleardocs tool helps workflow in Checkpoint

 Denice Fraser, Senior Marketing Executive

As one of the newest members of the Cleardocs-Thomson Reuters team, this is my first Cleardocs Blog entry. I started with the team in November 2012 and have immersed myself in product and platform development projects from day one.  Almost six months in and I can say it’s been quite the exciting ride!

First a little about me:  With over 15 years marketing, product development and project planning experience in finance and super, I'd like to ensure we're creating positive outcomes for customers.  If the Cleardocs team are able to remain valuable and relevant to customers, together with making a deeper ‘connect’, then I’m happy.

In order to make the customer experience as good as it can be, I’m interested in current trends and hearing about issues faced by our customers.  Quite simply, I’m passionate about leveraging information with content and process, which leads me to my initial work here at Cleardocs...

The integration of Cleardocs as a live workflow tool in Thomson Reuters’ newest platform, Checkpoint, has been a focus of mine so far. Checkpoint transforms traditional online research methods into a workflow and tools information solution. Not just a platform that delivers trusted Thomson Reuters content, Checkpoint shows customers how to best leverage research results by providing the steps to get work done efficiently.

And this is where Cleardocs comes in.  Our plain language, online legal document assembly tool, combined with integrated workflow means Cleardocs now offers Thomson Reuters’ clients access to our product range and process.   This means that customers get to realise the benefits in accessing informative workflow features such as decision trees, tools and calculators which have been developed as part of Checkpoint.
Another interesting 2013 enhancement for Cleardocs is the expansion plans of our SMSF product suite. The new products in this suite are positioned to leverage on our existing document packages and are set to make a difference by providing a broader offering for fund activities and by better streamlining workflow.

I look forward a future of innovation and developments, together with working alongside a great bunch of professionals – all here to make your job easier.

Stay tuned for a future blog where I talk about mobile platform and social media developments at Cleardocs.

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