Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knowing your customers + vote via poll

Denice Fraser, Senior Marketing Executive

As a business grows and develops, so too does the volume of customers, the number of segments and industries which they come from. 

Customer needs change. They grow. And to be able to change and grow with you, it’s important we know how you came to be a Cleardocs user and how your needs and priorities have developed.

For instance, late last year I spoke briefly to my tax accountant about his business and how it had evolved since launching almost two decades ago. A financial planning arm had been added to the business and there were plans brewing to partner with a legal practitioner in order to meet some of his client’s estate planning needs.  He also told me he needed to do more with less human resources, so finding solutions which would save him time was key.

From this brief conversation, I learnt a few things about my accountant:
  • he is not afraid of change - in fact, he embraces it;
  • he has a genuine concern for his clientele and keeps in touch with what they need; and 
  • he wanted to work smarter, not harder and was open to looking at new ways of doing things - especially if it resulted in more time to add value in the areas his clientele relied on him for. 

I walked away from his office that day with a nice tax refund, an insight into how diverse my tax agent’s business was becoming and a smile on my face J (mostly because of the tax refund!).

As an online business with over 65,000 users, it’s a little more difficult for Cleardocs to keep an ear to the ground on the changes in your business, so please keep your customer profile up to date via the Cleardocs user My Profile page. It will help us better service your needs.

While there are some particulars that our Business Intelligence can tell us, there are things we won’t know for certain, unless we ask.

To help us know a little more about you, we’d like to know how you first heard of us. We plan to include a “How you heard of us” drop down menu as you sign up to Cleardocs. We’ve kept the list short and re-created it in a poll below. +Cleardocs Thomson Reuters   

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