Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Welcome to Cleardocs, how can I help you?

Stuart Barton – Customer Service Representative

I’m Stuart, and I’m the newest addition to the team at Cleardocs. I've recently relocated to the city of Melbourne from Perth W.A., just two months ago. The process of both setting up a new life and learning a new job has been an interesting journey, one of which I am enjoying on a daily basis. My background is primarily in customer service, working in both the private sector and government on state and federal levels.

Thankfully all the existing members of the Cleardocs team have been very welcoming and supportive in my learning of our range of products. I am finding I am learning more each day, about the variety of both the products we offer and customers we assist.  

I have found one of the most common questions I am asked is regarding shelf companies, and if Cleardocs offer them. Cleardocs does not provide for shelf companies. Information on shelf companies is available on our website. 

Outside of work I enjoy weight lifting, fashion, film, art (which made relocating to Melbourne an easy decision).  I am a pet owner of a little pug called Crouton who sadly I had to leave behind in Perth. I am also studying a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Addiction studies.

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