Friday, March 4, 2011

Online company registrations now easier for new users

Thomas Lam, IT Manager

Our goal for online company registration service has always been making it as simple and error proof for our users (either new or experienced) to use. A year ago I have highlighted the following actions we have taken to meet this goal:   
  • added relevant help text and information and ASIC Identical Name Check in the Company Registration product form;
  • enhanced error checking in the Company Registration product form;
  • enhanced speed of the Company Registration product form;
  • written various blog articles on issues about Company registration.
Since then our staff has published a number of blog articles that provide tips to register companies successfully with ASIC. Our IT staff added the following features to our company registration form to help reduce ASIC rejections:
  • added warning if users type only initials in given name fields;
  • added “Address Picker” buttons for copying addresses, which helps reducing typing mistakes;
  • added “Address Preview” boxes for users to check if addresses are formatted properly lodging company registrations to ASIC
  • added detailed explanations on returned ASIC validation errors to minimize future rejections;      
Finally I’ve prepared the following chart (ASIC rejections versus date) with 3 months moving average trend lines for both new and old (more experienced) users’ figures.
Chart 1. Average number of ASIC rejections per company registered with Cleardocs, over last 3 years
Few observations from the above chart:
  1. ASIC rejections has dropped to around 15%;
  2. six out of past seven months the rejections percentages for new and experienced users were about the same. This could due to the features and help text we added helped most new users to get their company registrations right in the first place. 
Please feel free to send us any comment or suggestion about our company registration service. Until then, visit our Facebook page for updates and discussions.

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