Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Improved document completion experience

Scott Verschuren, Developer
You may have noticed that over the past few weeks, the Cleardocs team has made some improvements to the process of ordering document packages online. These improvements were made in response to customer feedback and suggestions, and were focused on making it easier for you to correct any missing or incorrect information in an order after you have saved it, or clicked “Save and continue”.
Firstly, you will notice a summary at the top of the interface. This summarises the number of errors in the application, and provides a convenient way for you to automatically scroll directly to the first error (see the below screen snippet).
Also beside each field with incorrect or missing information, there is now a button with the text “Next error” inside it (see below).
By clicking this button you will be automatically scrolled to the next field needing your attention.
We hope you find this helpful — especially for the document packages with many questions, for example, the Company Registration.
Cleardocs customers can expect more improvements to the website in the coming weeks as we continue to make enhancements with your feedback in mind.

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