Monday, February 6, 2012

Why ClearLaw is useful to you

Harin Wijenayake, Marketing Manager

Most people in this day and age receive a large number of emails, daily, that they don’t bother reading as it’s generally considered “junk” or spam after signing up for some product or service – it’s online marketing at its worst.

Getting the balance right between keeping in touch with your customers and informing of them of important and useful updates is difficult. 

At Cleardocs we publish and email a monthly free bulletin – ClearLaw. ClearLaw provides updates on legislative changes, ATO rulings and information that impacts Cleardocs’ range of documents. For example, in November 2011 ClearLaw we published an article on MySuper Core Provisions which outlines the Governments first piece of legislation that implements Stronger Super reforms.

We tend to receive a number of calls on the Cleardocs Helpline regarding parents of minors who are members of an SMSF – is the minor able to be directors or not of the Corporate Trustee – In our current ClearLaw bulletin, we have a useful and interesting article on a proposed law due to go before Parliament this month that will allow this to take place: SMSF – parents/minors.

Cleardocs works closely with top 20 law firm, Maddocks on the creation and maintenance on all of our documents. ClearLaw articles are up-to-date at the time that they are published. Archived articles are not updated to reflect changes in the law.

For our most recent ClearLaw articles and previous issues, see here.

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