Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should I use a template to create a legal document?

Should I use a template to create a legal document?
By Denice Fraser, Senior Marketing Executive

Everyone’s document requirements differ and there may be particular times when you, or someone you know considers using a template to create a legal document.
In essence, a template is a generic example - a DIY process, which relies heavily on the level of expertise and knowledge of the person using it.
You can obtain free legal document templates online for a number of document types. The problem with free legal document templates is that:
  • they may not be regularly updated for compliance, with current Commonwealth, state or territory legislation;
  • they may not be comprehensive;
  • they may not cover every circumstance or situation – meaning you have an incomplete document (resulting in the need to draft sections yourself);
  • they can leave you ill at ease (not knowing if your document is compliant);
  • you can experience some pain populating the template ‘blanks’ without guidance; and
  • the chances of receiving support to complete the template are slim.
What happens if you need assistance or advice? You may need to start again after gathering new information, lose a valued client, or be faced with a non-compliance penalty far exceeding the cost of the document you initially tried to avoid.

Through Cleardocs, you receive more than a template.  Cleardocs is an automated system that guides you through an interface and enters your answers into a master document, expertly drafted and maintained by top 20 law firm, Maddocks.

Cleardocs easy to use question interface guides you step by step, with help text, free helpdesk support and access to Maddocks

You can sample some of our documents here. You will need to register as a Cleardocs user in order to view these documents.  Registration to Cleardocs is free. These sample documents are produced from our master documents — which are like legal document templates. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 SPAA SMSF Conference

By Harin Wijenayake, Marketing

Cleardocs is excited to be a sponsor of the 2014 SPAA SMSF Conference, at the Brisbane Convention Centre starting today, Wednesday 19 February 2014.
The conference consists of 2.5 days of high level, strategic and technical information, presented by guest speakers considered experts in their field. The program also includes keynote addresses from Government and Regulatory representatives, providing updates and commentary on current SMSF issues.

There are a few sessions of the conference that Cleardocs will be attending as they are highly relevant to the Cleardocs offering:
Day 1 – SMSF Legislation & Technical Update
               SMSF Strategies, Financial & Estate Planning
Day 2 - Financial Markets, Investment Strategies & Trends in SMSFs
               Limited Recourse Borrowing & Financial Planning Strategies.

See 2014 SPAA SMSF Conference 
program details for more information.

The SMSF product suite that Cleardocs offers is end-to-end and is signed-off by top 20 law firm, Maddocks. Cleardocs SMSF online legal documents range from SMSF Setup, Change of TrusteeBorrowing, Pension Pack, Death Benefits and SMSF Minutes packages – we also offer a $99.00 Update document that ensures you or your clients SMSF Deed is up-to-date and fully compliant.

We look forward to meeting everyone attending the National SPAA Conference and answering any questions you may have about SMSFs or any of our other products.
Please ensure you leave your business card with us to participate in our special prize draw.  You could win a GoPro HD Hero3 video camera.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Emergence of Mobile Apps in all industries

By Veena Pingali, IT - Cleardocs
Smart phones have emerged as a go-to for everything from entertainment to personal finance and everything in-between. They are equally valuable as a communication device and a content consumption device. Rapid growth of mobile will continue to transform all industries in 2014 and beyond.
Below are some statistics about building of desktop and mobile applications:

The pie chart shows the distribution of applications developed by software companies.
In the past 2 years, more than 50% of the software developers have entered the mobile space.  And 84% of those who currently are not in this space plan to enter in near future. Constraints, such as small screen sizes, the absence of mouse, the lack of multiple windows, or the network bandwidth are outweighed by the mobile phone advantage of access everywhere.
One thing is certain - mobile and desktop usage patterns will continue to change, especially as tablet penetration rates climb higher.

So how many of you use your mobile phones to surf the internet? Do you prefer to shop or buy products in a mobile app or a mobile website?
+Cleardocs Thomson Reuters

Monday, February 10, 2014

Set up an SMSF and register the SMSF corporate trustee in one simple step

Belinda Thalakada, Customer Support

Set up an SMSF and register the SMSF corporate trustee in one simple step
In December 2013 , Cleardocs released its first combination package - SMSF setup + register Corporate Trustee. This new product comprises all the documents you would otherwise receive by separately completing a company registration and then, SMSF setup through Cleardocs.

What are the benefits of the Cleardocs bundled package?
As a result of us combining the company registration and SMSF setup products, you save time by now completing one online form instead of two.   This means you don’t need to enter the same information twice (i.e. member/director details, trustee information etc.).  It also means you only need to make one payment for the Cleardocs fee for both your company and SMSF set up, and you can purchase printing for both packages in one order (for a cost of $76).

What documents are included in the package?
Your document package includes a full set of documents for your SMSF set up and Company Registration:

Superannuation Trust (SMSF)
    • the SMSF Trust Deed - the Deed is customised to reflect the SMSF has a corporate trustee;
    • a Product Disclosure Statement summarising the features of the SMSF;
    • Consents for the directors of the trustees;
    • Minutes to set up the SMSF and set its investment strategy;
    • applications, beneficiary notices and TFN notices for the SMSF members;
    • ATO trustee declaration form; and
    • an Establishment Kit explaining what to do next.    
Company Registration
    • Certificate of Registration - which shows the ACN (Australian Company Number), the date of registration, and the registered company name; the company's Constitution - the Constitution is customised to reflect that the company is the trustee of a superannuation fund;
    • Consent to act as Director;
    • Consent to act as Secretary;
    • Application for shares;
    • Minutes of a meeting of directors;
    • Share Certificates;
    • Consent to act as Public Officer;
    • Notice of appointment of Public Officer; and
    • an Establishment Kit explaining what to do next.
All master documents are written in plain language and are signed-off by our lawyers at Maddocks.

10% off introductory offer extended to Friday, 28 February 2014.
Cleardocs are celebrating the release of this product by automatically providing a 10% discount off the Cleardocs fee of all SMSF setup + register Corporate Trustee orders paid on or before Friday 28 February, 2014. This discount means the total cost of the package is $691.50 instead of the usual cost of $719.00. 

Login to your Cleardocs account now to start saving.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The 2014 year ahead

By Lisa Galbraith, General Manager

The year has begun with a bang – already my holidays are receding to the back of my brain.  At Cleardocs we have been busy finalising priorities for the coming year and looking for new integration opportunities with Thomson Reuters.

Late last year we launched our first combo product – SMSF set up + register Corporate Trustee.  The product provides a streamlined interface for completing two documents (SMSF and company registration) with one interface.  Feedback suggests that this one stop process works well.   Over the coming year, we will gradually roll out further enhancements to our documents and website. These enhancements will reduce data entry time and provide greater flexibility for you.

In 2014 we will be exploring options to more effectively share the exciting new tools developed by Thomson Reuters, through the Checkpoint platform.  In particular, the new Trust Distributions Workflow will be a valuable solution for many of our accounting users.  The interactive workflow allows you to carry out trust distribution calculations, including those which involve the streaming of capital gains or franked distributions.  Look out for an email with more detail on this great new tool.

Finally, I would like to welcome our many new customers.  It is very satisfying to see so many new customers enjoying the flexibility, quality and benefits of Cleardocs.  Please remember to send through your feedback and comments – we'll always listen.