Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should I use a template to create a legal document?

Should I use a template to create a legal document?
By Denice Fraser, Senior Marketing Executive

Everyone’s document requirements differ and there may be particular times when you, or someone you know considers using a template to create a legal document.
In essence, a template is a generic example - a DIY process, which relies heavily on the level of expertise and knowledge of the person using it.
You can obtain free legal document templates online for a number of document types. The problem with free legal document templates is that:
  • they may not be regularly updated for compliance, with current Commonwealth, state or territory legislation;
  • they may not be comprehensive;
  • they may not cover every circumstance or situation – meaning you have an incomplete document (resulting in the need to draft sections yourself);
  • they can leave you ill at ease (not knowing if your document is compliant);
  • you can experience some pain populating the template ‘blanks’ without guidance; and
  • the chances of receiving support to complete the template are slim.
What happens if you need assistance or advice? You may need to start again after gathering new information, lose a valued client, or be faced with a non-compliance penalty far exceeding the cost of the document you initially tried to avoid.

Through Cleardocs, you receive more than a template.  Cleardocs is an automated system that guides you through an interface and enters your answers into a master document, expertly drafted and maintained by top 20 law firm, Maddocks.

Cleardocs easy to use question interface guides you step by step, with help text, free helpdesk support and access to Maddocks

You can sample some of our documents here. You will need to register as a Cleardocs user in order to view these documents.  Registration to Cleardocs is free. These sample documents are produced from our master documents — which are like legal document templates. 

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