Monday, February 23, 2015

Enhancements to Cleardocs website

Enhancements to Cleardocs website

Veena Pingali, Java Web Developer

Cleardocs is constantly looking to improve the service we provide to you. As part of this, we have recently changed the way our mega menu (ie the main navigation menu) works on our website.
So, here is how the improved menu looks:
 The new menu bar improves page speed, landing you on your chosen product page faster.
Product pages contain:
·        pricing information;
·        all the information you need to know about the product in ‘General Information’ and ‘Frequently Asked Legal Questions’ sections;
·        links to resources including samples documents and information checklists ; and
·        access to start a new order.

Although you can no longer aceess your document orders from the mega menu, a complete list of all your orders can be viewed on the ‘MyDocuments’ page.

After logging in to Cleardocs website, to navigate to my-documents page, click on MyDocuments blue button.
This page gives the categorized list of all documents created by you along with the status of each document.  The ‘Filter by’ option provided on the top to view documents allows you to view the documents based on the status, product name and creation date.
More improvements are on the way.

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