Monday, February 16, 2015

Unique tools and features to create legal documents online, chop-chop

Lisa Galbraith, General Manager

Providing useful content, information and short cuts to speed up and simplify document creation is a priority and focus at Cleardocs.  

We all know how easy it is to become familiar with a website.  When we get used to a website, we find ourselves using that site in repetitive ways:
Click here.
Mouse hover.
Select option from menu.
Enter data.

We think we’re saving ourselves time by navigating through the site like we always have.  The problem with behaving this way is that we miss some of the newer features, designed to save time and make things easier. 

Below is the top seven Cleardocs features and tools most loved by our customers. I hope you find something to speed up your day.

1.    Copy and paste similar documents
Starting a new company registration, family trust or unit trust that is very similar to one you have already completed?  Look for the ‘copy and paste these answers’ link – you will find it in the ‘what’s next’ box of the completed document.

2.    Export your new company file into BGL CAS
If you use the BGL CAS corporate secretarial software for your company secretarial activities you can download the file directly from Cleardocs.  You will find the link in the ‘what’s next’ box of your completed company registration.

3.    Managing ‘My Documents’
If your document list is growing, remember to use the filter options at the top of the ‘My Documents’ page to quickly locate specific documents.  The filter allows you to search by status (pending, completed, lodged, rejected etc); document type; created date or by an answer you entered.

4.     SMSF version control
Unsure what your client’s SMSF deed allows or whether it should be updated?  Cleardocs tags every SMSF Deed, update or change of trustee with a version history.  Simply click on the version link and see at a glance what’s included in your client’s SMSF and what the most recent updates are.  You will also find this useful link in ‘My Documents’, next to the matter name.

5.    Multiple logins
If your firm has multiple users and you wish to consolidate your account, please contact the helpline and we can set it up for you.

6.     Macquarie CMA set up
If you’re setting up an SMSF and wish to open a Macquarie Cash Management Account, we have an integration that will reduce your data entry requirements and speed up the process.

7.     Frequently asked legal questions and ClearLaw
We regularly update the FALQs in response to feedback from our customers.  Our library is extensive and a quick search of these areas may provide the answer you are looking for.

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